Konstruktions-Praktikum in Japan

I am from Houston, Texas in the USA and I majored in mechanical engineering. Since graduating from university, I have worked as a product design engineer in a couple of different companies. One of the companies that I worked in was a Japanese company that produced precision components for manufacturing different products. At this company, I learned a lot about design since I had to talk to a lot of people from different industries and it was there that I started to really get interested in Japanese design in particular. With that interest in mind, I came to Japan to do an internship at a design firm. My main job was to help out with the various design activities in whatever way I could. The company uses AutoDesk programs to complete their design tasks. For the renderings and perspectives, they use 3ds Max which is a modeling program that I had never used before. After learning the rudiments of this program and learning to read some useful kanji, I was able to create some 3D models for the other designers to use in their scene creation. I also helped create rough sketches in AutoCad of the customer's space for proposed design specifications. Besides these types of engineering activities, I also helped choose items for the companies showcase/marketing advert. It was a fun experience to go to countless web pages looking at many interesting design ideas. The company has a large library of interesting design books that I looked through in my spare time. Between this and the time spent talking to my coworkers in the ways that American working culture differs from Japanese culture, I did a bit of translation of some of the interesting or relevant portions that I found. Overall, it was a wonderful experience and I would definitely go back to there to gain more experience in Japanese design.