Erfahrungsberichte - USA Life Guard Programm

Matei Popa

In the next few lines, I’ll share with you my unique and unforgettable experience. A dream that became reality, my American dream. I remember the day, like it was yesterday, when I spoke for the first time with my Work & Travel company. They showed me a long list with many different jobs. From hotels, restaurants to stores or casinos, housekeeping or dishwashing was very good paid, low housing costs and many benefits.

I watched the list and suddenly, my eyes focused on a photo, some guys at a pool wearing red and white uniforms. Then, my mind had just one thought: “I want to be a Lifeguard!" A few months later, in June, I went for the first time abroad and it wasn’t an ordinary country, it was America - “the land of endless possibilities”. After I passed the “endless” security checks, I met my first supervisor from the company.

He picked me up with his car and dropped me off at my new “home” in Maryland. I was lucky because I could start to work the next day after I arrived, earlier than I expected. My first day at the pool, I was so happy and eager to start. My manager shared with me a part of his knowledge and skills related to cleaning and management of the pool. After two weeks of work, me and my flat mates had an in-service training in Greenbelt MD. We could review all our red cross lifeguard skills and safe procedures. It was GREAT! In the last week before my moving to another location, I visited Washington, DC - “The United States capital”. It was a sunny day in July. The afternoon heat didn’t stop me, I walked a lot and I saw almost all famous places in the capital, it was an amazing day filled with adventures and nice feelings. In the beginning of July I had to move to another assignment within the company, this time in the state of Delaware. It was hard to leave my old friends, but my new flat mates helped me with accommodation, food and everything I could ask from them.

We spent a lot of good moments together. We became friends with an American couple and a Korean guy. We went to grill parties at the pool together; we changed country dishes from Hungary, Serbia, Romania, America or Korea. We went also to the cinema. One of the best moments spent together was our New York night.

With every morning and every night, side by side, we improved our friendship and we are now truly friends. Two or three times per week we used to go at Denny’s, our favorite restaurant for dining. We also became friends with Denny’s manager. We dined with Indian families and we tried the famous “curry” and “dal”. In each of the last nights we bought pizza and watched horror or comedy movies together. It was really good and funny to do that. At the end of season, the organization planned a final trip to Niagara Falls. Unfortunately, Peter, one of my friends couldn’t make it.

So I was just with Attila, but our lifeguarding company made us a big surprise. They rented for transport, a party bus with blue lights and good music speakers. It was awesome! At Niagara, we saw the “real face of nature”, real power. We couldn’t finish our summer better than this. Finally after 3 months of hard work and dedication, we spent one week in New York. We came here again, just me, Attila and a friend of him, but lucky us, we met at the bus station one guy and four girls, also lifeguards fromthis organization, and we didn’t meet them for the first time, because we were together at Niagara Falls, also we knew each other from the summer trainings.

It was PERFECT… In the end I want to say: It was the best experience of my life, a DREAM COME TRUE!!!




Participating in SWT with the company was my best experience so far!

Now I have many great memories to share with my friends and relatives. At the beginning, I was a little afraid but later as time passed I felt confident, I improved my English, found a lot of new friends. Together with my friends we visited new cities, such as Philadelphia and New York, we saw many interesting things. Everything for us was new and exciting.

The Lifeguard job is not easy, you need to be very responsible and attentive, but it's very interesting. You can meet new people every day and you can speak with them. The staff is very friendly and they will help you when you have some questions or problems (i.e. once I got lost, and my supervisor came for me and drove me home). The organization organizes in-service trainings that are a lot of fun. We also went on a trip to NY all together, it was fantastic, and we had a great time! This summer was the best time of my life; everyone needs to do this at least once!!!